B.Sc Nursing

Graduate School of Nursing, Novel Academy offers four year BSc. Nursing program which prepares competent B.Sc. nurses to function independently in multidisciplinary health fields to provide care to the needy people of the community regarding the preventive and rehabilitative aspects of health.

The Objective

On completion of the course the graduates will be able to:

  •   Work competently and collaboratively as a team member in different types of health organizations.
  •   Communicate effectively with clients, colleagues and health team members.
  •   Participate in different health care settings providing competent nursing care to the individual, family and community.
  •   Provide guidance and supervision for staff, students and other members of health team in working environment.
  •  Utilise the scientific principles, knowledge and skill in planning nursing care as a team leader.
  •   Identify the learning needs of staff, students and also the client, family and community, demonstrate the teaching skills accordingly in formal and informal settings.
  •  Conduct and participates in research activities for the development of nursing profession as well as individual development.