Message from Principal

Novel Academy prepares students in two fronts: character and competence. As suggested by Stephen M. Covey, building both character and competence are needed to be successful. Building trust in a speedy manner as an operating system of life would be the one of the most important focus of the education.

First, we give priority for good intentions rooted in integrity. This is embedded in our core values of life.  Second, we have a proven record of accomplishment of delivering results. Our alumni are working in reputed organization in Nepal and abroad as well.

  • BidurDahal, and Er. DiwasTimilsina both of them are currently working at
  • Research scientist Sabin Dhakal doing PhD in Canada with full scholarship
  • DipendraTimilsina working as finance officer at INF headquarter Pokhara
  • SubinThapa currently working as finance officer in British Camp

We boast 100% job placement in banking and financial institutions.

This has been possible due to a trustworthy character which is the operating system of human interactions. Therefore, we  have adopted the Stephen M. Covey’s equation: R = (C x C) x T. where R is the result which is normally based on the multiplication of character (C)  and competence (C ) (each moderating each others). The fundamental difference comes from the multiplier T, the speed of Trust. Our core competence lies in building trust in a speedy manner which amplifies the result to the next level.

Novel Academy is a values driven college. Our core values are: Achievement, Continuous improvement, Respect for the individual and Win-Win Partnerships

We welcome all Novelians to build a trustworthy and healthy learning experience!

Dr. Krishna Raj Bhandari