Internship Guidelines

Employer’s Guide for Internship

This guide is designed to assist you on understanding the basics of” Internship”. Though, the concept of Internship is not a new one, it still has lot of confusions and misconceptions in employers’ mind. For majority of employers hiring an intern is just a favor to the student or the institution either willingly or without willingness.

Hiring an intern is compulsion for some of the employers, whereas some of the organizations are getting a lot of benefit out of the interns.

Internship has now been an integral part of almost every academic program offered by any universities around the world. To meet the international standard of university curriculum, Purbanchal Univeristy also has included minimum 45 working  days of internship service/ experience mandatory for its BBA and MBA students.  Students are required to find a corporation/ industry/ office of their interest and complete the internship with the selected one, for the successful completion of their degree.

1) What is Internship?

For the school of Business (BBA & MBA) Internship is a part of educational program which is evaluated for academic credit. The Curriculum of university defines the requirements and the academic department of the student evaluates the progress of the individual student on Internship through minute monitoring. Internship is known as “An intentional learning agenda structured into the experience”.

Internship is designed to promote academic knowledge by implying the knowledge in practical field but at the same time it is learning experiences of different management aspects of the organization for further course curriculum.

Internship is different from job experience as Intern is mentored by a professional to answer questions, teach, train and explain the organization management. Intern is still a student, only the difference is for the duration of the internship experience, s/he is learning at your office premises rather than the regular classes.

Internship may be part- time or full –time and may be paid or unpaid.

2) Is it necessary to accept an Intern?

Practically, no companies are compelled to hire interns, but considering the curriculum requirements designed by the universities and the future of students, few big questions arises: if you don’t hire the student as Intern, who does? How do they successfully complete the degree without Internship?  And how do you get the qualified manpower in future?

Without your support, the whole education system can’t get succeed.

The government of Nepal has made it clear that the companies and organizations are bound for the corporate responsibility. Hiring an intern, your company can move a step toward fulfilling your corporate responsibility.

In case of accepting a student as Intern, you still may have one question in mind:  how my organization is benefited?

3) How my organization is benefited?

Hiring an intern throughout the year provides the source of highly motivated pre – professionals. Interns can be used as quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects.  They are the greater source of new perspective to old problems. The organization can utilize the students’ skills on industry’s most challenging problems or research subjects.  Having Interns as support for office works, or other daily operations, the upper management can enjoy more freedom by focusing on more creative works.

Hiring an intern is proven, cost – effective way to recruit and evaluate potential future employees. They are usually hungry to learn, eager to make a good impression by performing a multitude of tasks that benefits the company for its progress. Besides, the interns spread the visibility of your company to their group, community and circle. Providing Intern experience to the student, you help a student dreaming his future, a college for its academic program and the University for its Curriculum. Providing an internship opportunity for a single student, you are a major contributor for a student, his/her college and the university. The whole system will be grateful to you for the long run.

4) How do I hire them?

Traditionally, as of the general experiences we have not seen much of the companies looking/ calling for the interns, but few of the reputed and acclaimed   companies have started the process of hiring interns following the selection process. Usually, it’s the students who apply for the intern position or the academic institution that makes a request to hire the interns. But, at the time of necessity, where you think you want to hire an intern, you can call us and make inquiry about the possibilities of supply. We are always ready to supply you the interns.

5) What are the criteria for interns?

Interns are there for the training purpose and whatever duties they are assigned, they are performing as the training. Intern students don’t displace the existing regular employees. They are not guaranteed a job at the end of the internship.

6) Do I have to pay the Interns? If yes, how much I need to pay them?  

It is not compulsory for you to pay an intern. If you wish to pay, the compensation for internship widely varies by field, industry and geographical location. Depending on factors, such as:  the intern’s work load, his/her input to the daily operations, innovations etc., you can pay him/her as a reward for motivation.

7)  Do I need to provide work station or office tools to the interns?

It depends on what kind of job you are making the intern to do. It’s always better to designate a specific workspace and work station to an intern so that it makes them comfortable to work. General office tools as per the nature of jobs are provided to the interns.

8) What will be the office hours of the interns?

Intern students are still part of the academic program and they have to sit in class for their regular lectures and practical. It is always recommended and requested that you design the working hours of intern to comply with their college routine.

9) What do interns expect?

Interns are students who will to learn more and more every day that relates to the theoretical knowledge they have gained. They are ready for the challenges and look for the opportunities where they can utilize their knowledge and skills in real management field. So in points, here are few that an intern expect from you:

–         Real work (interns want to learn something of value that elaborates their experiences. It’s obvious that they have to be involved in general works like making a copy or folding an envelope, but Interns are not there to do such jobs only)

–         Explanation of work /Briefing about the expectation of the company about the interns (if company has specific expectation from the intern, it is better that the company briefs in advance. It clears the vision of the student. Taking an example of a company willing an intern student to do a marketing research for a product’s colour, please make it clear)

–         Feedback about their performance (Intern students are not professionals and thus are expected to perform poor or weak. In case of poor or weak performance, they need feedbacks, guidelines and suggestions. If intern student is exceptionally good, motivation rewards him/her.

–         Inclusion in general training programs, briefing, general meetings etc.(inviting interns to attend general meetings or involving them in general training programs always enhances them for the better tomorrow. They can perform better during the duration of their internship tenure

–         Mentor, who can guide the intern throughout the internship experience.

10) What are the interns’ responsibilities?

Every intern students are bound to follow the rules and regulations implied by your company/ organization.

11) What after a student completes Internship?

After completion of internship, a student needs a certificate of internship completion. You will issue a certificate with few words about his/her internship experience. If you are not satisfied with his/her outcome, you may reassign him/her with other internship experience or reject to issue a certificate. Every student is required to prepare an internship report that is majorly focused on the specific duties he/she assigned. The report must be duly checked and approved by you as an academic credit of the intern student.

12) What if I want to build on- campus presence of my organization?

You can contact the graduate program coordinator of School of Business for any possible options that can make your organization’s presence in Novel Academy. We welcome you to bring any of your own programs to the college that helps boosting your name and recognition among the students. You can distribute your company’s profile or any supplementary materials to our students via graduate school of management. We encourage you to sponsor our sporting events.